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Academician Liu Made a Lecture in Inner Mongolia

Academician Liu Made a Lecture in Inner Mongolia


On July 6th, Liu Xianlin, who is the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese renowned expert in photogrammetry and remote sensing, Honorary Dean of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China, made a lecture named “Modern Digital Surveying Technology in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. All the surveying leaders and experts, about 200 people, attended the meeting.Mr. Liu devoted all his life to study photogrammetric and aerial equipment. He led to develop digital mapping technology integration and the industrialized equipments and systems, promoted the development of the whole survey industry, which accelerated the transfer from traditional science and technology to the modern digital survey system. The home-made digital aerial camera SWDC is national scientific and technological project, which was developed by research group led by Liu Xianlin.

The result greatly improved the data acquisition capacity and productivity in aerial remote sensing. It also relieved the dependence on the foreign products, promoting the application of aerial photogrammetric technology in territory, water conservancy, roads, railways, urban planning and design, environmental protection, tourism, etc. In the report, Mr. Liu compared the advantages of the home-made aerial photogrammetric camera SWDC-4 and the film camera, introduced the practical application field and the value of SWDC-4, and interpreted the modern surveying technology—true 3D geographic information system, digital dam construction and 3D modeling of laser-vehicle mobile measurement in detail.


Participates believed that this meeting is a way of study the modern surveying technology. The meeting was hosted by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Association of Surveying and Mapping.

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