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The National Geographic Information Summit

The National Geographic Information Summit 
Our Company Joined the National Geographic Information Industry Summit and Exhibition In the technology and equipment exhibition, Li Keqiang inquires about the development of the advanced surveying and mapping equipment, and also observes the first generation of the digital photogrammetric workstation and the large format digital aerial camera. He says that improving the capacity of independent innovation is the core of the national development strategy, and also the fundamental guarantee of the geographic information development. We should fully use the enthusiasm and creativity of the researchers, develop a number of high performance survey equipment with our own intellectual independent property, and promote the geographic information development to a new level. (From Xinhuanet)

The technology and equipment exhibition is the last exhibition. The equipment showed at the entrance is renowned JX4. This is the first generation of the digital photogrammetric workstation in China, which was invented by Liu Xianlin in 1998. It had won First Prize for National Scientific Progress, and also put an end to the history of importing advanced 
survey equipment. JX4 can process the aerial image, the close range image, satellite image, digital image, etc. The efficiency of the survey and accuracy are much better than the imported similar product, which obtained half market share and also successfully entered the international market. Through the efficient geographic data information processing collected by digital aerial camera, using the JX4 to process the image data, it can generate all digital 3D map rapidly, and bring the earth home. (From Surveying and Mapping of China)

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