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3D Multi-channel Full-integrated Projector Platform

This platform is a breakthrough to the traditional 2.5D. It realizes true three dimensions by using polarized light technology, which gives the vivid effects to the observer. Especially with the application of large screen, the 3D effects are lifelike. It is an ideal display and observe platform for corporations and institutes. 


Hardware Configuration
2、Integrated apparatus
3、Stereo split-screen device
4、Stereo projector
5、Front-projection/Back-projection screen 
6、Circular polarized light glasses

Software Configuration
1、3DPT Multi-channel projection display software
2、3DPT stereo drive software (support OpenGL and Direct 3D software)
3、3DPT stereo multi-media play software


The Schematic Diagram:

Multi-channel Setting Program:
Channel setting
Curved surface setting
Integrated setting
Color setting
The integration of display content equals to a wider projector. 
While experiencing 3D visible sensation, the users can also do other operations,  which improves the application of the simulation system.
All the survey professional software, such as Pro/e, UG, Skyline, Arc-Globe, Geo-Globe, Ev-Globe, Uniscope, image, Newmap, Google-earth, Vega, EON, CATIA, and Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, can be displayed on this platform.
This platform is combined by one user computer and one set of integrated machine, which makes it easy to operate; no need for network, display synchronously, no distortion of the scene.
The conclusive technique—3DPT stereo display drive software can realize 3D of OpenGL and Direct3D.

One computer can process multi-channel data, which realizes synchronization among different channels, and makes it easy to operate.
It adopts the technique of hardware process and software integration, which is convenient and fast.
The integration software lowers the requirements to the projector. The percentage of overlap largely depends on the real installment range (the size of the room).
The integration machine can directly receive the images produced by user computer, therefore, the procedure of integration is processed in the integrated machine. It does not need to be set by other computers, which makes it easy to maintain.
The maintenance of system is simple. Operator can preserve the system according to the set program, which needs no technician and save the cost.
Our company, who has great developing ability, accumulates lots experience concerning front-screen /back-screen projector.
Our company, a software corporation, has our own 3D software, who can solve the problems the customers meet in application.

3DPT Stereo Driving Software

It can transform stereo diorama and 2.5D into real-time stereo display. The compatible tested software are: (Direct 3D) Skyline, Arc-Globe, Geo-Globe, Ev-Globe, Uniscope and (OpenGL) Image, Google-earth, Vega, EON, CATIA, etc.
Supporting stereo output of single-port or double-port display card
Supporting the windows of 3D software and full-screen display
Multichannel integrated technique

Multichannel image division
Margin overlapping and software integration
Multichannel image geometric correction
Multichannel image color matching
Multichannel image synchronization and host communication
Multichannel debugging setting program
Supporting pixel and cone integration

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