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This software provides solution to problems on control point coordinates used during collection of 4D data. 

1. Image Processing Function: 

Function of compressing image; function of color image transforming into gray image; function of image geometric transformation and function of making image pyramid.


2. Fiducial Measurement and Interior Orientation: 
Function of manual measurement of fiducial mark, function of automatic matching of fiducial mark and function of fiducial mark internal orientation.


3. Encryption Point & Pixel Coordinate Collection Function:
Navigation line splicing point, standard bit and ground control point manual collection function; standard bit and inter-navigation line public point automatic matching function.


4. Construction of Free Net for Navigation Line:
Relative orientation function and inter-model connection function.


5. Coordinate Revision: 
Relative orientation gross error point revision; inter-navigation line public point gross error revision; ground control point gross error revision; security point revision; automatic standard bit revision; survey area adjoining side point revision.


6. Pixel Point Coordinate Inverse Computation: 
Inverse computation function of ground control point; inverse computation function of triangle points; inverse computation function of inter-navigation line public points; inverse computation function of adjoining points between adjacent survey areas.


7. Overall Adjustment:
Multi-type overall adjustment function and overall bundle adjustment function.


8. Various Check Function: 
Function of checking image files; function of checking and processing images; function of checking interior orientation results; function of checking navigation line splicing point; function of checking standard bit manual points; function of checking ground control points; function of checking encryption points and function of displaying final bitmap.


9. Various Auxiliary Functions:
Survey area adjoining side function, output small image function, final output result function and output Virtuozo interface data function.

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