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An SWDC is based on 4 top-grade commercial non-metric digital cameras which are firstly reinforced and calibrated accurately, and assembled on a mount base, together with a professional dual-frequency GPS receiver, and a monitoring computer, etc. for automatic exposure management. In addition, a series of software are equipped for post-processing, including aerial photography planning, GPS calculation, and radiometric and geometric processing of imagery. The key techniques of SWDC are virtual central perspective image generation which combines 4 real central perspective images into virtual one.

The SWDC is remarkably featured of flexible focal length choice, a large field of view (able to get big B/H ratio images for better elevation accuracy), and 4 built-ins (i.e.,internal simplified platform,internal professional GPS, internal automatic exposure, and internal power supply). It is applicable for a variety of scale mapping, ortho-image production. In 2007, a pilot project of aerial phtotogrammetric experiment with sparse ground control points and a cadastration project achieving 4-cm precision of boundary points were implemented successfully with SWDC, which opens new application of SWDC.

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