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Beijing Geo-Vision Tech. Co., Ltd.


Beijing Geo-Vision Technology Company Limited, established in 1989, is a high-tech hardware and software company. It is a joint-stock company affiliated with the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China.


Under the leadership of the president Liu Xianlin, who is the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the company gathers a large number of splendid experts and professional technical personnel in the field of geomatics. The company mainly develops and researches on the modern geomatic high-tech products (including hardware and software system), especially having great R&D capability in the field of aerophotogrammetry. The products can provide the whole service ranging from aerial photography, aerial image to the application of aerial remote sensing data. As a main company developing and producing geomantic equipments in China, it has developed into a multi-product enterprise, such as the series of JX-4 Digital Photogrammetric Workstation, Geolord-AT Automatic Aerial Triangulation Software, SWDC Digital Aerial Camera, Imatizer Image Scanner, SwMana 3DGIS Software, 3DPT Projection Platform, and SSW mobile modeling system. 

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